02 September 2008

More travels

I apologize that my blog has morphed into a shameless travelogue. I can fairly confidently promise that this will be the last post of my travels for quite some time. Unfortunately, I do not have any more trips planned in the near future.

Once again, you will notice what I love to do in life by how I spend my vacation time (family, food, sports...).

Jill flew into St. Louis last Wednesday evening to kick off a Labor Day weekend full of fun! We awoke Thursday morning and visited the trademark of St. Louis - the Gateway Arch.

For lunch, we ventured to Alton, Illinois where we enjoyed a delicious (and cheap) meal at Fast Eddie's. This joint is quite famous around here. It is a biker bar that serves up some delicious food from the grill at an amazing price: 1/4 pound burgers - $0.99, bratwurst or hot dogs - $0.99, basket of fries - $0.99, pork kabob - $1.29, steak kabob - $2.99. They pride themselves on maintaining the original price tag on all their food since they began grilling over 15 years ago.

In the background you can see the line forming. We arrived a half hour before they opened at 1:00 p.m. By the time they opened their doors, there were probably over 60 people in line.

Our next stop was another hallmark of St. Louis - the Anheuser-Busch brewry. They give free tours (I am all about free stuff).
They even give out free drinks at the end of the tour. We opted for Pepsi instead of their featured malt beverages on tap.

Thursday evening my former roommate Chris Eyring flew into St. Louis, and early Friday morning we were on the road headed for Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan.

In Detroit we met up with my good friend Brent Thurgood who had flown in from New York earlier in the day.

Of course, anyone who knows me well can guess where I head first when I visit a new city - the local ballpark. The Royals of Kansas City were in town playing the Tigers at Comerica Park.

Brent, Jill, Me, and Chris at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit. They had a spectacular firework show after the game.

Saturday was the main event of the weekend. We made the pilgrimage to Ann Arbor, MI to see the mighty Utah Utes take on the Michigan Wolverines in the Big House (AKA Michigan Stadium). The Michigan fans were absolutely incredible. They were welcoming and hospitable. They understand the game of football and support their team faithfully. I will cheer for Blue for many years to come.

Fortunately we won, but just barely. Actually, I really do not feel comfortable claiming that we won the game. Rather, it is more accurate to say that we did not lose.

We finished of our Labor Day weekend with a trip to the windy city. Mom flew in to meet us on Sunday - it was sure a treat to spend time with her.

No trip to Chicago is complete without enjoying their authentic stuffed pizza. I cannot visit without a stop at Giordano's


JamieN said...

Wow. It all looks like so much fun! I'm jealous of the good times you guys had. I love that you were at the U game. I thought of you guys the whole time we were watching. Glad they pulled out the win.

The Jensens said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I am glad you got to spend time with Jill and your mom! Wish we could have been there with ya!

hbentley said...

It looks like your weekend was a lot of fun. I am jealous that you guys were able to be at the game in "the big house". If nothing else I can't imagine all those people in one location with one thing on their mind. It was a fun game to watch, and I think you called it by saying, "we didn't lose."

I love all of the things that you are experiencing ? I like that you have a little travel log for us to live through. My little life of running between schools and the grocery store is not as exciting.
I am glad that you are well and hope to hear more about your adventures.

bjensen said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I'm so jealous you got to go to the Utah game, I wanted to be there so badly! Looks like everything else on the trip was fun as well. I think it's so much fun that you get to travel as much as you do! I say keep the post coming!

P.S. If you run out of blogging ideas, you can always call me. I have some great blogging ideas!

Rustino Scar said...

mmmmm, i remember that pizza. and pigging out so much that I was sick. and it was sooo good. Wish I had some right now. wait, i'll go downstairs and eat pizza, though it's not as good. looks like you guys had fun

Maga said...

I like your attitude about the game and your attitude about life--keep blogging so we'll know your feelings about life.
Loved your pictures!

Trent said...

Giordano's will always hold sweet nostalgia for me. It's funny that we were talking about Chicago style pizza just the other day. My favorite memory about that place was how we were sitting right next to each other on the one side fo the booth like a couple gay guys so we could both view the giant flatscreen TV's broadcasting a slew of sporting events. That was definetly a highlight of our road trip.

jenny said...

Looks like you had fun! Would have been better with me! Hehe

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