05 November 2009

The latest

Alright... time for a few updates.

We finally closed on our home. After signing three extensions to the purchase agreement, a wire transfer snafu, and seemingly endless frustration with Wells Fargo, escrow finally closed on 28 October.

We closed just in time so I could get access to all of my personal items before our trip to NYC. Candice and I went back to the Big Apple with Stan and Nancy Williams for the NYC Marathon. I don't know why I thought I should run this race. I am probably in the worst shape I have been in for years. Anyhow, I made the trek to Staten Island on November 1st where the race began to Frank Sinatra's classic song "New York, New York."

By mile 17 I had hit the wall... and I still had 9 MILES TO GO! Those 9 miles were probably the longest of my running career. I probably could have walked faster than my running pace.

It is interesting to note that just last month Trent set his personal best in the St. George Marathon by finishing with a time of 2 hours and 45 minutes. I was close to his pace... only an hour and 10 minutes behind ;).

Now we are just waiting for the big day on November 11th.