28 February 2011

11 October 2010

Meet Lexi

On Saturday we ventured to the local animal shelter "just to look" at the dogs.  When we found Lexi, we couldn't leave without her!

She is a three-year old boxer - house-trained, crate-trained, and just about the most well-behaved dog we have ever met.  We took her to the park on Saturday afternoon.  As we were walking down a path, two yappy dogs went nuts when they saw her.  They were barking like crazy and even overturned the cooler they were chained to as they tried to get closer to Lexi.  Lexi wasn't phased a bit!  She simply looked at them as she walked right on by. 

She will be a great addition to the family!

21 September 2010

Summer o' Fun

Summer time in Vegas is definitely the time to get out of town, so that is what we did every chance we could! From Memorial Day to Labor Day we used every excuse in the book to get out of the HEAT!! Here is the run down...


We started off the summer with a trip to Boise to visit family. Events included a summer kick-off BBQ and a tour of Idaho's capital building along with other downtown Boise sites. But the most exciting part of the trip was Jake's 10,000 ft free fall!! 

He made the jump with my brother-in-law Mark and thankfully, his chute did open so he could enjoy the rest of the summer.


Then, in early June, we headed up to Salt Lake to welcome Cameron as the newest member of the Jensen family. Jill and Cameron's wedding was beautiful!


For the 4th of July we headed up to Island Park to spend the holiday with the ENTIRE Williams clan!! With almost 50 of us in one cabin we spent most of our time enjoying the great outdoors.

This trip included the best fireworks west of the Mississippi (Idaho Falls Melaleuca celebration), spelunking in Lewis and Clark Caverns, jet skiing and water skiing, and yet another summer BBQ!
We also spent a day in Old Virginia City. 


In mid-July we spent the weekend in Minneapolis with Bill and lil' Jake. It was a quick trip but we made sure to fit in a visit to The Mall of America and of course a Twin's baseball game in the new Target Field.

What's more American than baseball? And what's baseball without a hot dog and a Coke?! YUM, YUM!!


For Labor Day we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and make a trip to L.A. We stayed in Pasadena and enjoyed shopping, a cold day at the beach and of course good food - which included a new favorite find, DOTS CUPCAKES! Honestly, the best cupcakes I've EVER had!

We also took the chance to cross off yet another Major League baseball stadium from Jake's list (see side bar) as we watched the Dodgers play in Dodger Stadium. 

Last, but not least...


We celebrated my birthday with a night on the town here in Las Vegas. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! The security at this concert was unlike anything I have ever seen. Before we could even get our tickets at the gate we had to show our I.D. to make sure it matched our names on the tickets. Then we got a stamp and a wrist band in order to ensure we would not be selling the tickets once received. Inside, the security continued... pictures were NOT allowed and anyone attempting to sneak a pic was immediately escorted from the concert!!

The concert itself was incredible. There was no band, just Garth and his guitar. The venue was small, thus providing a very intimate setting. Let me just say, BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!

This summer was SOOO FUN! And I got to spend it all with my best friend!! Now, bring on the "Fall o' Fun"!!

24 August 2010

Bed Intruder Song

I had a friend send this to me a couple weeks ago and I honestly can not get enough of it! You have to watch the original news report and then watch the remix song. It is hilarious. Well, I think it's hilarious, you might just find it annoying.:) Either way, the song will be stuck in your head all day!

22 August 2010

My Birthday Surprise!!

Sunday's are always a bit lazy, and with the restlessness of the day Jake decided he couldn't wait any longer and wanted to give me my birthday surprise a day early!! He sent me on a "treasure hunt" around our house with the ending surprise being...

 ...tickets to go see Garth Brooks at the Wynn!!! This is something I have been talking about probably as long as I've known Jake, but with the cost of the tickets and how quickly his shows get sold out, I thought this would be something I would only be able to dream about. 

Lucky for me, I got the best husband in the world, who spoils me rotten, and will be making this dream become a reality!!  And the best part is, I get to take my HOT husband as my date!!

                                                                 I LOVE THIS MAN!