30 December 2008


So I bought my Sugar Bowl ticket several weeks ago. Because I do not donate a cent of money to the University of Utah, I did not have even the least bit of priority for seats. The ticket I received was in the upper rows of section 614. It is nearly impossible to get much further away.

During my trip to Salt Lake I attended church in my parents' ward. During priesthood I began talking with an old friend about Utah Football and the Sugar Bowl - this guy is as big a Ute fan as I am. My mind quickly shifted focus from the lesson of faith, hope, and charity to enjoy a much more provocative discussion about the thrilling Ute season - especially the final victory of the season over the hated rivals from the south! Sadly, discussing how the Utes would fare against the Crimson Tide interested me much more than Moroni 7. I know, I know... perhaps I need to adjust my priorities.

During the course of our conversation, my friend indicated that he had an extra ticket that no one had claimed. He said I was welcome to come sit by them for the game. When he brought the ticket to the house after church, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that instead of sitting in section 614, I would now enjoy the game on the 20th row in section 116! How about that!? Lower bowl... 20th row... 35 yard line... It will be awesome!

I begin my drive tomorrow after work. I just applied a new sticker to the back window of my car - the beautiful drum and feather U logo. Additionally, I have one of those small flags to attach to my car door - also adorned with the drum and feather (compliments of Chris Eyring).

Tomorrow I will drive to Memphis, Tennessee where I plan to enjoy the New Year celebration on Beale Street. While there, I intend to try some of the famous Memphis barbecue - apparently they cook ribs with a dry rub instead of the more traditional BBQ sauce. I am anxious to try it.

Then on 1 January I am on to New Orleans. GO UTES!!!

10 December 2008

Road Trip!

2 January 2009! The #6 ranked Utah Utes will face the #4 Alabama Crimson Tide!

New Years Day falls on Thursday this year. The following day is my day off. I therefore have a four day weekend. What better way to celebrate than to venture to the Big Easy to watch the Utes play in the storied Sugar Bowl?

I spent quite a bit of time checking flights for the trip. But I have decided to make it a road trip through the deep south. I always enjoy seeing new parts of the country. This will give me the opportunity to see parts of Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.


05 December 2008

"Is there some sort of similarity there...?"

I could not resist responding to Jamie's blog post.
Or else she might become large and bumpy and unattractive when she does grow old.