20 April 2009


We arrived here in Boston just after 9:00 p.m. on Saturday. Of course our first stop in BeanTown was b.good!

Mmmm... some el guapos along with fries and a coke!

Following our meal we met up with cousin Shelly who is nice enough to allow us to crash at her place during our time here.

Oh look... more food. I don't think we go more than a couple of hours without finding something to eat. And what can be more authentic than a Dunkin' Donuts in Boston?

Waiting for the commuter train at the West Bedford stop.

After picking up our race packets, we had a bit of time before the Red Sox game began. We made our way to b.good for another succulent burger!

This was a magical moment! Having just arrived at Fenway, we walked out of the portal to see the Green Monster along with the plush, verdant grass. What a beautiful sight!

After finding our seats, both Trent and I found ourselves paying the price for a late night on Saturday. Neither of us could stay awake, despite the fact that we were watching a baseball game in one of the most storied ballparks in America. Some time in the second inning we both dozed off for a bit. We both comment on how funny we must have looked with our heads slumped over and completely oblivious as to what was happening on the field. After a brief power-nap, I ordered myself a Coke so I could more fully enjoy the game. Trent, on the other hand, declined any caffeine. He still wanted to catch up on his sleep a bit - he dozed off a few more times before the game's intensity picked up a bit in the later innings.

Race day! We arrived in Hopkinton at approximately 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning. The race began at 10:00. This gave us plenty of time to wait around in the cold - just what I like to do before a leisurly 26.2 mile run.

Just before the starting gun was fired, we were treated to a fly-over of two F-15 fighter jets - they couldn't have been more than a couple hundred feet up. They flew right overtop of the starting corals - it was awesome.

It amazes me how many people are involved in this race - participants, spectators, and volunteers. Over 26,000 runners joined the field this year. We were all cheered on and encouraged by fans lining literally the entire 26 mile course. It is unbelievable! Especially as we get nearer and even into the actual city of Boston. Both sides of the course are packed with spectators - sometimes up to 6 people deep.

Trent smoked the course - clocking in at an impressive 3:03:25! That is a sweet time for a tough Boston course. As for myself... I thought it prudent to honor my performance from 2007 here in Boston by logging nearly the exact same time. This year I crossed the line in 3:37:26; my 2007 time was 3:37:57.

Following the race, we made our way to b.good for our 3rd visit in as many days. Unfortunately I neglected to document our visit. Honestly, I was so tired that I did not want to exert myself any more than I had too - and let's face it, opening the zipper of my camera case is asking a bit much!

Exhausted as we wait for the train back to Medford.

Note: hopefully I will have some pictures to post from the race. Cousin Shelly said her friend who joined her to watch the race captured some good pics of both Trent and me. Stay tuned...

18 April 2009

Day 1 1/2

Meet the uninvited guest of our trip:
On Friday morning, soon after Trent arrived in New York, he mentioned he had developed a recent ailment to add to the smathering of diseases he has been fighting for the past couple weeks - an ingrown toenail! While it was simply uncomfortable that morning, by mid afternoon at the Yankees game Trent did not even want to wear his shoes anymore due to the severe pain. Immediately after the game Trent made some calls and was able to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist for Saturday afternoon.

The doc made quick work of the pesky toenail. The intent of the paper you see in Trent's hands is to shield his view of the procedure. Understandably, he did not want to watch as Dr. Ferguson cut and dig at the invasive corner of the nail.

Just before the doctor's appointment we had some time to hit the streets. Fortunately for us, there was a street fair in the area. Anyone who has not experienced a New York street fair is missing out on some of the best food New York has to offer.

Trent and I each enjoyed a tasty gyro, followed by a fresh-blended fruit smoothie. Mmm...! It was all I could to prevent myself from buying something to eat at each booth I passed. Just a few of the items I had to force myself not to indulge in include: Italian sausage dogs, crepes with fresh fruit, grilled corn on the cob, fresh-squeezed lemonade, funnel cake, chicken cabobs, steak pittas, and authentic tacos and burritos!

If you are ever planning a trip to New York, be sure you give youself time on a Saturday to find and enjoy one of the many street fairs in the city. They are AWESOME!

A bit later in the day we made our way to Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza - excellent pizza! The joke between Trent and I is that we do not necessarily need more time in New York, but we do need more meals! We simply cannot digest our food fast enough. There are so many places we want to eat at - we just cannot fit them all in.

Note the bottle of Advili on the counter... Advil has kept Trent sane on our trip so far. Without it we would probably be stuck in the apartment with his foot elevated.

At 4:45 we boarded the bus bound for Boston. This bus is great! They offer free wireless internet access to all passengers. In fact, I am composing this post as I sit here on the bus.

Trent was out before we even left Manhattan!

The day is certainly not over yet. We have an EXTREMELY important first stop when we arrive in Boston - b.Good!!! They are open until 2 A.M. Perhaps there will be enough time to down two burgers before calling it a night.

17 April 2009


Livin' it up in the Big Apple!!!

Our day began with a leisurely run in Riverside Park

We then headed off to a game at the new Yankee Stadium. This was only the second game ever played in the stadium (the home opener was just the day before). The game was great. The Yankees came from behind to take the lead in the bottom of the 8th inning, then held on in the top of the 9th to secure a one-run win.

What a great stadium!

Dinner at Tom's Delicious Pizza!!! Awesome New York style pizza

We showed up at the Gershwin Theatre to enter our names into the lottery for front-row tickets to see Wicked. My name was called! Although I tried this three or four times while I lived in NYC, this was the first time I won.

Check out our seats. If you look closely, you can see Trent on the front row looking back at the camera. We were right in the middle of the action - all for only $25 per ticket.

We had a day full of quality entertainment here in the greatest city in the world. Just wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

Stay tuned...

Some good material is in the works. I just arrived in New York last night. I will be here for 10 days with mixed objectives - playing, running, playing, working, playing.

I will be updating periodically while on the road... keep in touch!