22 November 2008

BCS... BCS... BCS...

How about a few numbers...

Score: 48-24
Interceptions: 5
BJ's TD passes: 4
Record: 12-0
BCS appearances: 2

I taste a bit of sugar in my mouth.


02 November 2008

Boston bound... barely!

Trent has run two Boston-qualifying marathons this year already. Wanting to join him in Bean Town next spring, I was in Indianapolis last weekend for the inaugural Monumental Marathon. I was shooting for the 3 hour 10 minute marathon required to qualify.

I did not have a strong start to the race. By mile 8, I was behind my time by 2 minutes. It took me the next 8 miles to make up the lost time - putting me right on pace at mile 16. Infused with some confidence with making up the time, I pushed a bit harder between mile 16 and 18 - picking up another 45 seconds. However, I paid for this a bit later in the run. At mile 21 I made a turn onto a 4-mile straight away leading back to downtown Indianapolis. This turn took me into a headwind with my feet feeling like 12 pound cider blocks. Somehow I was able to maintain my pace for the final 5 miles of the race. When I came around the final corner of the race to see the finish line only 100 yards away, the timer read exactly 3:09:00. My official chip time: 3:08:50. I cut it close, but I made it nonetheless!

And so I am already looking forward to a trip to Boston:
Fenway park...

The famous el guapo burger...

And the 113th Boston Marathon!