24 August 2010

Bed Intruder Song

I had a friend send this to me a couple weeks ago and I honestly can not get enough of it! You have to watch the original news report and then watch the remix song. It is hilarious. Well, I think it's hilarious, you might just find it annoying.:) Either way, the song will be stuck in your head all day!

22 August 2010

My Birthday Surprise!!

Sunday's are always a bit lazy, and with the restlessness of the day Jake decided he couldn't wait any longer and wanted to give me my birthday surprise a day early!! He sent me on a "treasure hunt" around our house with the ending surprise being...

 ...tickets to go see Garth Brooks at the Wynn!!! This is something I have been talking about probably as long as I've known Jake, but with the cost of the tickets and how quickly his shows get sold out, I thought this would be something I would only be able to dream about. 

Lucky for me, I got the best husband in the world, who spoils me rotten, and will be making this dream become a reality!!  And the best part is, I get to take my HOT husband as my date!!

                                                                 I LOVE THIS MAN!

08 August 2010

A new wall

Since the first pictures Candice saw of our house (before we even bought the house), she ademately HATED the recessed arches in our living room wall.  I promise her that we would fix the wall eventually.  Well... I finally kept my promise.  Here is the finished product:

The beadboard/wood paneling covered up the arches nicely!  We also painted the walls a darker color - we were not a fan of the pink/beige/peach-colored walls.  With the bedrooms, bathroom, and now the main living area painted, we only have the broom closet and laundry room to paint and we will be done with that color!

*Candice gets credit for the decor.