30 October 2008


I filled up my car today - 13 gallons of gas. I only paid $1.99 per gallon!!! How long do you think the low prices will last?

02 October 2008

Beware of nuclear fallout!

Yesterday at work we were fitted for respirators. The hospital's policy is that they must have on hand respirators for all employees in case of any type of pandemic. Once a year they fit us to be sure they have enough of each size so that everyone is covered.

To test the fit of the respirators they put this yellow bag on our head. They then pump a gas into the hood. If we pass out, then they know the respirator does not fit properly and they try a different size. I am only joking. The gas they pump into the bag is simply a sugary substance. If the mask does not fit snugly, we are apparently supposed to taste a sweet odor.

My boss, Rick, took this picture. Don't you think I look a bit like Sponge Bob?