23 August 2008

What I love most

Is it time for a new post? I fully admit that my efforts have been wanting for the past month. I partially blame my indifference on the seeming lack of excitement in my life. However, much of the problem is attributable to laziness on my part. I extend my sincerest apologies to all.

With all the fun I had during the past week, I have little excuse to procrastinate another post.

I had a conference in Las Vegas running from Tuesday to Friday of this past week. I figured since I would be so close to St. George, I would extend my trip a bit and drive up to see Brooke.

I flew in to Vegas last Friday (15 August). I rented a car and made the short drive up I-15 to St. George. Mom, Dad, and Jenny decided to join us from Salt Lake for a weekend of fun.

This was my first chance to check out Mom and Dad's new digs in Washington - very impressive! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to enjoy this purchase with the family often.

We had all sorts of activities planned for the weekend:

We did a bit of shopping
Unfortunately we did not buy any T.V.'s

Dad and I made it out on the golf course twice...
As always, I showed Dad a thing or two about swinging the clubs. I outscored him by 30 strokes.

We ate at In-N-Out Burger
Good, but not as good as b.good!

Brooke and I made our way Zion National Park to hike Angels Landing.
Check out all the switch-backs!

I've always wanted to be Superman

A breathtaking view from the top

Did you know they made red asphalt?

There was an activity of which I do not have any pictures. Such an event is fully appreciated only from first-hand experience. It was an early-morning run through the red-rock country of Southern Utah. When I began, the sun had yet to give evidence of its impending rise. Yet, the desert landscape glowed softly beneath a waning full moon. My run took me above old-town St. George on Red Hills Parkway. The rugged cliffs and harsh vegetation served as a calming backdrop on the solitary road. Half way through my run the slowly rising sun enlivened the vibrant auburn colors of the unique desert rock formations. I finished the 16 mile jog feeling refreshed and grateful.

My days in St. George included a bit of everything I love most in life:
- Ample time with family (specifically, family meals accompanied with enjoyable conversation)
- Time in the outdoors hiking to a new peak
- Running
- Good food
- Relaxing time watching a movie

On Monday 18 August I drove back to Las Vegas where I spent the following days in the Las Vegas Hilton. Once again, I received exceptional treatment with my hotel room. I had a small kitchenette by a large sitting area - including a sofa and chair with an ottoman - in front of a 46" flat screen TV. The bedding included soft sheets with a down comforter. It was all topped off with a jacuzzi in a large, ornate bathroom. It is great getting paid to travel.

Brooke decided to visit me in Vegas on Tuesday evening. She brought Ben along and we spent a casual evening on the Strip.

We enjoyed dinner at The Cheesecake Factory


The rest of the week was quite a bit of work. It was good to return home last night.