18 October 2007

Sunshine on my Shoulder

This photograph may be unimpressive to most people. However, it marks a first during my time here in New York.

When I returned from my morning run in Central Park (and may I add it was a beautiful run!) I walked in my room to notice something a bit different. Bright light poured through the window casting stark shadows of the blinds on the ground. "That is odd," I thought. I looked out my window to see the morning sun glaring off the window of an adjacent building. "That's great" (what movie?). For the first time while I have lived here, my room has seen the sun. Albeit indirect sunlight through the reflection, I think it still counts. Certainly my room is not dark and gloomy. It is adequately lit by ambient light of the sun during the day. In fact, I rather enjoy my bedroom. I get a lot of work done here at my desk (see below how hard at work I am!).

The sunlight lasted all of five minutes. I suppose I will just have to wait until the weather and earth rotation cooperate again to see the sun again.