25 June 2008

Coors, Driving, and Rotten Pizza

I finally had the cable guy over yesterday evening to get me wired for the basic electronic necessities to survive in the world today. I considered discretely slipping him $50 for a bit of extra service, but when he introduced himself as Chip Douglas, I thought it would be wise to forebear.

Now I must return to last Tuesday to complete my travelogue. There was only one thing of interest to me when I arrived in Denver - a game at Coors Field! It was a beautiful evening for a game. The Rockies handled the visiting Cleveland Indians. The highlight of the game was in the bottom of the third inning when Rockies first baseman Jeff Baker hit an infield-the-park home run.

If you enlarge the picture, you can see a row of purple seats in the upper-deck. That row is exactly 5,280 feet above sea level (mile high). Awesome!

I hit the road early Wednesday morning anticipating a long day traveling from Denver to St. Louis.

I saw a whole lot of this during my drive - flat, empty plains

I made one significant stop along the way. Considering the recent National Championship won by the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team, I thought it would be a good use of time to visit their campus. In Lawrence, Kansas I was able to gain access to KU's two major venues...

The famed Allen Fieldhouse (a classic arena)

And UK Memorial Stadium

To provide the details of this final picture, I must revert back to Friday 30 May (two and a half weeks ago). It was on this date that that Trent and I arrived in St. Louis after our road trip from New York. After four days on the go, we just wanted to rest at my place the last evening of our trip. We ordered some pizza, rented a movie, and just relaxed all evening. Early the next morning - before 5:00 - a taxi picked us up to take us to the airport to catch a flight to Salt Lake. Just before we arrived at the airport, I turned to Trent and asked, "did we throw the leftover pizza away?" We both realized that the remaining pizza was left sitting upon my countertop.

The whole time I was in Utah I worried about what would become of the pizza. Certainly it would not keep for such a duration. Would it mold to the point of attracting every rodent within a one mile radius? Would flies find it and turn it into a maggot breeding paradise? Would I need to hire a fumigating company to return my place to livable conditions?

Fortunately none of this happened. Yes, it did mold. But for the most part, it just dried out - no extremely foul odors to worry about (fortunately).


JamieN said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth after seeing that pic of the pizza. Yuck. I guess if that's the worst, than it's not too bad, but still. I'm sure it was fun to come home to that.

I'm glad you arrived home safely. I thought about you and your trek since you left. I hope you get adjusted soon and quickly feel at home.

Love you!

JamieN said...

PS - I love all the places you stop to see. And I was pics of your apartment.

Jill said...

I am so glad you updated! I have been so anxious to see your trip and hear about your new life. I guess we have only gotten as far as the trip, but I hope this past week went well for you!

JamieN said...

I'm so embarrassed by all my spelling and grammatical errors in my last posts.

Don't judge me.

The Jensens said...

Gross pizza!